In a series of adventure comics based on real historical facts and events, world renowned archeologist and antique shop owner Archont Duval, and his niece and nephew come face to face with ancient tangled puzzles. Fascinating adventures, secret sites and ancient hidden treasures await them all over the globe.
I must say I have always associated 'comics' with superheroes and villains, as well as with adolescents who read them avidly and gather collections of their favorite issues. In 'Duval Antique' I saw a completely different approach to this genre, and I liked it immediately. There is an original idea — to combine a detective story with historical information about the most famous sites and attractions of the world. I would even call these comics such original guides for those who love 'not like everyone else has' :)
I’ve read it in one gulp! Then returned to the beginning and thoughtfully examined the illustrations, then went back to the first page and re-read the most interesting facts. It is easy, unobtrusive, informative, made with a twist, atmospheric! I feel an insatiable sweet tooth — the candy is eaten, only the wrapper of incredible beauty is left, but I still want more candies :)
It is very easy to understand. The story is really exciting, pictures are vivid! I want to consider them more than once. History is organically woven into the story; it introduces the historical facts very unobtrusive.
Great comic! A lot of interesting and valuable information. You dive into another world while reading. The comic is perfect for the growth of general knowledge of young people, as well as for all those who love adventures and travelling. It would be nice to make a mini game in the form of quizzes to test your knowledge for each comic story :))) Good luck to the authors, well done!!!