Adventure in Notre Dame. The treasure of a Restorer. Part 1

One beautiful sunny day, a young Canadian turns up at the shop of Archont Duval. The stranger wishes to solve the mystery of his great grandfather’s letters. All clues lead to Notre Dame. Archont and his young relatives accompany the stranger to Paris to find the hidden treasure.
Will they be able to untangle the messages coded in the great grandfather’s letter from his oldest and dearest friend?
Old photos
and great grandfather’s secrets
Teams of treasures
just dreams?
of Notre Dame
Several pages from the magazine
"The first issue that caught my eye in VK, was about Notre Dame. I’ve read it, enjoyed, and, of course, forgot it. But about a week ago I was in a tourist trip to Paris. I was standing in front of this Notre Dame Cathedral, examining the facade with its numerous statues and then… unexpectedly I remembered this comics! And I really wanted to read it just at that moment, to walk along the building, to find the statues on the facade, which are referred to in the story.

I have turned on my phone, found the comics, and did it! It was such a lot of fun! I looked with completely different eyes on the building and its history. Say! Respect to the guys who came up with all this and drew it so beautifully!"
will help to:
Love history
All comics and stories are based on real historical facts. Most interesting, checked and selected.
Remember the facts
A new easy format of comics and short stories makes you insensibly memorize the facts.
Uncurl love for reading
A good solution for kids who do not like to read (or study in general).
Have a good time
In each comic book there are puzzles, adventures, travelling and interesting stories.
Bright, colorful illustrations. Nice to look at and examine. Develop a good taste and please the sophisticated readers.
Learn a foreign language
If you study English, comics can be a useful home reading material. Conversational, easy language, written by native speakers, funny facts and adventures.
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