Venetian Carnival. A letter from Italy

One February evening, when it is raining outside and there is nothing particularly to do, Archont Duval receives a letter from the mayor of Venice asking for his help. Just before the main event of the year, the Venetian carnival, the mayor’s office receives puzzling anonymous notes. The archaeologist together with his nephew and niece must prevent a crime, the festival will take place!
Venice in all its glory
and it’s puzzles
Costumes and masks
their history
Moretta mask
"silent servant"
Several pages from the magazine
"I liked the illustrations most! It was interesting to examine the details, the facial expressions of the characters. Just look at the costumes of Harlequin and Columbine, Venetian masks named "silent servant" and "BAUTA"! This is a new mix of the comic genre with an easy storyline and cognitive part, when they are skillfully interwoven into the fabric so that everything is perceived and read in one breath!

I personally recommend such comics to all beauty and art loves ;). Both for personal and family reading.

I am looking forward to new adventures of Archont Duval and his friends."
will help to:
Love history
All comics and stories are based on real historical facts. Most interesting, checked and selected.
Remember the facts
A new easy format of comics and short stories makes you insensibly memorize the facts.
Uncurl love for reading
A good solution for kids who do not like to read (or study in general).
Have a good time
In each comic book there are puzzles, adventures, travelling and interesting stories.
Bright, colorful illustrations. Nice to look at and examine. Develop a good taste and please the sophisticated readers.
Learn a foreign language
If you study English, comics can be a useful home reading material. Conversational, easy language, written by native speakers, funny facts and adventures.
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