I have wandered through the site with great interest, saved the link and decided to examine it in detail a little later. I must admit, now I look through it almost every day (both the site and the group). It keeps my attention as if I am a small child. J It's like an old chest in my grandmother's house. You pry almost secretly there and always find something new and amazing! Thank you for that!
I really want to thank everyone who worked on the creation of this comic book! First of all those who gave me the opportunity to read it! Stunning illustrations, they can be looked at for hours! A fascinating and informative story. I have read it in one breath and learned many catchy historical facts. I think these comics will be interesting for both adults and children.

Guys, I'm waiting for new stories! And I will read them all!
A wonderful extra material for students of art history and architecture! As a teacher, I use these comics in groups of pupils (9−14 years). They are a success!!! Good technique, cute characters and lots of historical information about the world-famous architectural monuments. Short texts are easy to read, adventure story helps to remember the material better. I definitely advise it to my colleagues.
I would even call these comics such original guides for those who love 'not like everyone else has' :)